“The Greatest Threat to Our Planet is the Belief that Somebody Else Will Protect it” – Robert Swan


Dearest Fellow Human,

Thank you for the time you are going to take to go through our website. We hope that you find what you are looking for without having to stare at the screen for too long. You can always just contact us too if you would rather dialogue with a kindred spirit than monologue with your device.

Protecterra Ecological Foundation is a labour of love and made of dreams and visions. We work on three main verticals: Awareness, Education and Outreach. Under these verticals we have many different initiatives that focus on outcome and action.

More information about each of our initiatives is in the main menu, if you want to scroll through. We are constantly reinventing ourselves because change is the only constant. Read more about us and our philosophy to know what our core is made of.

There are always exciting workshops, events, courses and initiatives that we offer. Please do virtually connect to participate and partake. Join us  just a few times or volunteer with us to become a life long members of a community of changemakers.

The Farm, our key and central project, is an offering of Love, Awareness and Learning. Based within Pune city limits, it is a green escape from the madness of urban life, it is the physical manifestation of Protecterra’s philosophy.  We offer farm stays and experiences, community supported agriculture, moon meditations, women’s circles, conscious dinners, community living, an open kitchen, work from farm options and lots of other initiatives to indulge each one of you. If you just want to BE, plan a visit or partake in the vision, please read more about The Farm and make sure to watch the documentary about it.

Our love for animals and nature is legendary for the people who know us. The Farm is home for several dogs, cats, goats, trees and wild denizens. Healing Tails will truly help you to unleash your soul.

At PEF, we know that people will only do as much as they are aware of. The need then, is to raise the existing bar of awareness and bring people into a new consciousness. The problems plaguing our planet are in reality those of greed, apathy and selfishness.

Our homegrown publication, The Kindness, is a hand illustrated print monthly, full of compassion, conservation and awareness, delivered to your doorstep.

We are working with corporates, schools, colleges and individuals across society to bring about an ecological behavioural change. We have our own doctrine of the 14 R’s that will serve as stepping stones to everyone who is willing and we would gladly conduct workshops on these.

The solution is easy and present intrinsically with each one of us. It is within where we all need to look. Because what is within is with out.

We hope to see you soon to exchange ideas and grow together.

Love and Light,

Pooja R. Bhale

Founder and Director

Protecterra Ecological Foundation