The Kindness – Compassion, Conservation and Awareness

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”. – H.H. The Dalai Lama

Birthing The Kindness (The Why)
The Kindness is born from a need to create opportunities for positive and conscious change in our thought processes and empower action from this newly gained understanding. As the level of awareness increases, so does our ability to make kinder, more holistic decisions. We need to BE the change that we wish to SEE. This is the need of the hour. Rather than reminiscing about how the world can be, it is time we come together and actually start building that world.

The Kindness Envisions (The What)
The Kindness is a labour of love, a vision that has been in the making for over 7 years. It is a collectible print publication which will not just propagate, but also help us implement the change. Change needed towards environment, ecology and the betterment of our life styles, simply said – the change we need to consciously bring about with in and with out. Conservation begins at home, conservation and compassion begin with the self. The Kindness aims to be the enabler for this very shift.

The monthly is meant to bring to our homes a set of incredible illustrations, articles, interviews, stories, trivia and thought starters. The Kindness is 4 pages full of compassion, love, empathy and joy. We do not want to preach or boast or criticise. Rather, on the contrary, the aim is to make people realise, reflect and implement change in their daily lives. To enable the much required shift to conscious, compassionate choices.

The Mother Behind The Kindness (The Who)
PEF is a front runner in the effort to bring about behavioral change among people through awareness, education and outreach. The Kindness is part of the outreach work of the organisation. Created collectively by a dedicated, concerned team of young change makers, The Kindness is the heart child of Pooja, the founding director of PEF. Each member of the team believes in walking the talk to their best ability.

The Kindness at Your Doorstep (The How)
The Kindness is a print edition only publication. It is a monthly and is available for annual subscription. The publication is curated for all readers who feel called to experience a tactile, collectible piece of art. Teenagers and on wards would gain the most from The Kindness. From feature articles to fun facts to good news from across the globe; illustrations to colour in and even new words to learn. Conservation conversations, species information, varying habitats and unheard tales from the frontline workers, every issue of The Kindness is theme based, bringing to you a content rich read that also incorporates our digital dependence through interactive scanning for some pieces. The lunar calendar, monthly guide to conscious living, laws to empower action, vocabulary enhancers truly make it a unique, collectible for generations to come and for you to pass on.