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All our projects focus on ‘Outcome and Action’. We have been busy little bees and we need your support.


At The Farm we have over 1,400 fully grown native trees, shrubs and other greens and every monsoon we plant 100 more. They need you to make it through the years.

Monthly Adoptions:
pugmark transparent Adopt 1 Tree: Rs 500
pugmark transparent Adopt 5 Trees: Rs 2,500
pugmark transparent Adopt 10 Trees: Rs 5,000

Annual Adoptions:
pugmark transparent Adopt 25 Trees: Rs 10,000
pugmark transparent Adopt 50 Trees: Rs 20,000
pugmark transparent Adopt 100 Trees: Rs 35,000
pugmark transparent Adopt 150 Trees: Rs 50,000
pugmark transparent Adopt 250 Trees: Rs 1,00,000
pugmark transparent Adopt 500 Trees: Rs 2,00,000


We have been water harvesting and recharging the ground water. Our neighbours dug into the Earth to 400 feet but there was no water. We have got 2 water ponds that collectively hold over 7,50,000 Litres of water. Do your bit and help us recharge the Earth. In one monsoon we harvest almost 40,00,000 litres of water.

Adopt a Water Hole:
pugmark transparent For 1 Month: Rs 5,000
pugmark transparent For 3 Months: Rs 25,000
pugmark transparent For 6 Months: Rs 1,00,000
pugmark transparent For 1 Year: Rs 2,00,000


The Earth is home to much more than just us, even in the city of Pune.

We have been busy creating habitats for several birds, creepy crawlies, small mammals and insects. In the ever crowded city of Pune, The Farm is providing a safe haven for them all. Support our work to give our fellow critters a place to live.

pugmark transparent Adopt a Bird Nest: Rs 1,000 per month
pugmark transparent Adopt a Pond: Rs 1,000 per month
pugmark transparent Gift a Cloth Bag: Rs 270 per bag (More than 10 bags @ Rs 220 per bag)
pugmark transparent Gift a Goodie Bag: Rs 1,200 (Magnet, Cloth Bag, Set of Coasters, 6 Magnetic Bookmarks, 2 Badges)


A lot of people want pets but because of the commitments are unable to do so at home. At The Farm we have 8 super friendly dogs and 7 cats we look after. They need a lot of love, caring, veterinarian visits, food and treats. You can now adopt one of them and we shall continue to look after them. You can come visit them, play with them, bathe them and look after them whenever time permits.

pugmark transparent Adopt a Dog: Rs 1,000 per month per dog

pugmark transparent Adopt a Cat: Rs 500 per month per cat


For every adoption there is more for you than just the joy of giving and sharing:

pugmark transparent You can choose 1 tree to be named after you
pugmark transparent You get a free stay for one person at The Farm (Valid for Monthly Adoption of 5 trees or more)
pugmark transparent We send you a personalised adoption certificate
pugmark transparent We send you a picture of the dog/cat you adopt
pugmark transparent You will be helping in carbon sequestration and thus reducing your carbon footprint
pugmark transparent You will be supporting a unique initiative that is part of a global movement
pugmark transparent You are going to be helping in creating a global society that respects nature, practices sustainability and comes together in solidarity to protect Terra
pugmark transparent And of course we will give you an 80G Income Tax Exemption receipt

To know more about becoming a member, joining our vision or to chat with us please Contact Us.