The Farm

“There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.” – Robert Lynd

The Farm cropped

There are very few places where you can just BE and enjoy the company of nature. And there are even fewer places like these within a city. The Farm is a place for Love, Awareness and Learning. A love for the self and for the Earth, an awareness of our surroundings and our self and a learning from the animals and from the Earth herself.

Spread over 2 acres and adjoined by forest land, The Farm is a green escape from the noise and madness of city life. Built completely in continuation with the natural terrain, 80% of the space has been made from scrap and waste and with minimal concrete.

We are home to over 1400 trees, over 62 species of birds, several butterflies, creepy crawlies and even the visiting langurs, spotted deer and wild boar. In a favourable rain year, we harvest almost 4 million litres of water annually. We have also been home to elephants that were rehabilitated from a life of abuse.

Our doors are open to everyone who has a desire to leave the hustle bustle for a while and come back to nature and to the self. We are open to all age groups and people from all disciplines. We truly believe that it is an Open World and our doors are open for anyone who chooses to walk in.

In today’s frenetic world there is an urgent need to stop, think and reflect. The Farm is about sustainable living, learning, and leadership, with respect, responsibility and compassion, for oneself and others. We will be happiest when our visitors take the advantage to stop, reflect and listen. And if they choose to, also act upon newly gained insights to make use of the incredible potential that lies in all of us.

PEF Founding Director, Pooja, lives in a tent at The Farm with 9 dogs, over 20 cats, some goats, visiting animals, birds, trees and a few care-giver human couples.

To know more, plan a visit and partake in the vision please look at the drop down menu or simply Contact Us.