Virtual Connect


We are children of the wild. Fairly inept and averse to technology. We love to dialogue and share with people. However, for those children of the silicon era, we have made an effort to reach out virtually.

pugmark transparent So we are on Facebook as a Group and Page for Protecterra.

pugmark transparent The Farm can be found as a Page on Facebook.

pugmark transparent We have an Instagram Account too.

And most exciting is our YouTube Channel. Here you will find all sorts of videos. Please do visit our channel.

pugmark transparent Documentary about The Farm. 

pugmark transparent Director, Pooja Bhale talks about The Farm.

pugmark transparent IBN Lokmat Interview Pooja Bhale.

pugmark transparent Radio Interviews with Pooja Bhale.
I Save Water Initiative
The Farm and Protecterra

pugmark transparent Films produced by Protecterra.

Remember to share, like, subscribe and all the other possible ways there are to spread the love. If there is an issue loading (yikes!), please notify us and we shall look into it.