Community Supported Agriculture and Conscious Living

“If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t”.
― Michael Pollan

Community Supported Agriculture and Conscious Living

What is the CSACL membership? 

CSACL is a membership of The Farm by Protecterra born out of a need to create long term engagement with Terra. The main aim of the membership is to give urban people an opportunity to work with soil, plants and animals. The engagement allows for addressing the nature deficit disorder that we are all faced with.

Where is CSACL? 

The Farm by Protecterra is a place for Love, Awareness and Learning. A love for the self and for the Earth, an awareness of our surroundings and our self and a learning from the animals and from the Earth herself. 

Spread over 2 acres and adjoined by forest land, The Farm is a green escape from the noise and madness of city life. Built completely in continuation with the natural terrain, 80% of the space has been made from scrap and waste and with minimal concrete. We are home to over 1,800 trees, over 62 species of birds, several butterflies, creepy crawlies and even the visiting langurs, spotted deer and wild boar. We also have nearly 40 resident animals (dogs, cats, goats). 

Location: The Farm by Protecterra, NDA Road (Chandni Chowk), Pune

Partnership with ProEarth Ecosystems

ProEarth is a waste management company that enables Zero Waste Communities. They will be joining forces with The Farm this season as a knowledge partner in the CSASL program, and will be conducting workshops around the theme of Sustainable Living and Waste Management. ProEarth will also enable recyclables pick up from the Farm so that every member in the 21 week engagement is able to witness end to end waste management and move towards zero waste lifestyles.

What does the CSACL Membership include? 

21 week engagement with The Farm

Access to The Farm: 6 days/week 7AM to 7PM

10,000 sq.ft of community land

Access to Eco Library

Animal interaction

Seeds and saplings 

Hands on assistance for DIY farming 

Workshops & Member cookouts

Collection point for recyclable waste

Daily guidance for zero waste living

What is your commitment?

  • To visit every week for 2 hours 
  • To tend to the community farm on your visit here 
  • To partake in community activities 

Membership options for WINTER 2021 – 2022 (NOVEMBER to APRIL)

  • Full season Family membership – Rs. 14,300 (Family of 2 adults + up to 3 children)
  • Full season Individual membership – Rs. 9,200
  • Pay-as-you go Family session – Rs. 2,100 (Family of 2 adults + up to 3 children)
  • Pay-as-you go Individual session – Rs. 750 

How do you register? 

If you are keen on becoming a member please contact us.

To know more, become a weekend farmer, book a table or just chat please contact us right away.