The growth and productivity of a company depends on the availability of core natural resources: water, air, land, food, fibre, fuels, and the processing power of healthy ecosystems. Companies that reinvent their relationship with the Earth and its limited resources will position themselves advantageously for the future. This is called Eco-Advantage.

We offer several different options to enhance employee engagement and learning within companies.

We can arrange:

pugmark transparent Outbound Training
pugmark transparent Day Excursions (Educational & Recreational)
pugmark transparent Overnight Stays
pugmark transparent Exotic Conference Facilities
pugmark transparent Weekend Workshops
pugmark transparent Travel Options
pugmark transparent Dedicated Active Green Zone on site
pugmark transparent Formation of In-House Conscious Living Clubs
pugmark transparent Outbound sessions to The Farm
pugmark transparent DIY urban gardening techniques and hydroponics
pugmark transparent Scrap recycling and reusing methods
pugmark transparent Tree plantation drives
pugmark transparent Organic Farming and Learning
pugmark transparent Interactive Games and Quizzes
pugmark transparent Film Screenings and Shows

We target greener office practices and sustainable management of resources in and away from office. We tap into the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of companies but also work outside it.

If you or your company would like to give yourself ‘An Eco-Advantage’ please Contact Us and also have a look at The Farm.