Corporate Outreach

“There is no global, environmental central bank to bail us out if we become

ecologically bankrupt.”  – Andrew Simms

Today, impending global ecological crises and the need for immediate and effective sustainability measures has grown to drive much debate. Large business conglomerates and industry leaders worldwide have taken up the baton to lead the change, as the demand for transparency and accountability increases.

The term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ has gone from village adoption and tree planting drives to mean something much deeper and more involved. Stakeholders now want to know how a business is impacting the environment and whether it is an asset or a liability for the society it operates in.

Companies, corporations and industry wield enormous power and influence in Modern India. To enhance this supremacy, sound environmental practices and eco-knowledge are important. They in fact provide an edge since environmental norms and CSR have become a necessity. Riding the ‘Green Wave’ is proving to be beneficial in economics as well. And at the end, economic stability entirely depends on ecological stability.

With the growth in awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility, there has been a surge of people wanting to make a positive difference, even to the most initial of extents. From separating waste at home, recycling plastics or even just discouraging littering in the streets, people from all walks of life are trying to find new ways to do their bit for the Earth.

Many want to join the movement, but do not know where to begin.

This is where PEF’s Corporate Outreach comes in.

We offer varied and flexible options for employee engagement, capacity building and enhancing productivity. Workshops and Courses on Leadership, Conscious Change and Sustainability involve training methods for sustainable living, learning, and leadership, with respect, responsibility and compassion, for oneself and others. Having completed the foundation courses, we then move forward with a wide gamut of hands-on training programmes.

For a DETAILED and CUSTOMISED PITCH TAILORED TO YOUR FIT, please contact us directly. We like to dialogue and will work towards catering to your needs, so please do touch base.

By helping participants reconnect with the Earth and nature, in ways they did perhaps only as children, PEF Corporate Outreach seeks to provide a deep sense of well-being, personal satisfaction and a feeling of communion with the world around us. Calmer, more energised and cleansed of stressful residue, they can feel an immediate upswing in their confidence, ease and clarity in interaction with others, and a rise in overall productivity.

Our goal is to inspire the next generation of thought leaders and conservationists by helping them discover their inner potential, bringing them closer to answering the question that nibbles at their conscience: How can I be a part of the change?

Please have a look at EcoAdvantage and Contact Us to get started or to know more.