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“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu


We are always looking for more hands and minds to Protect Terra.

Please email us a short write up and your CV. Remember to tell us how you would like to join us, what makes you feel there is a need to Protect Terra and how you think you can achieve your aim.

Write in as much detail as possible so we know you better. We get a lot of emails, so make yours special and impressive so you get a head start.


PEF is a registered social non-profit enterprise. It would be great if you could pledge your support by a donation so we can continue working hard.

You can donate a small monthly amount by standing order or direct debit, or give us a larger annual donation. The choice is entirely yours and for us ‘Every Penny Counts’. You can become a member so look at our Membership Pages.

You could also help us by donating materials like books, binoculars, torches, camping equipment, scrap and waste, furniture or anything you think might be useful.

Please email us so we can provide you with our bank details. Donations to PEF are tax-exempt under Section 80-G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

Contact Us to know more about Volunteering, Partaking, Sharing and Learning.