Conscious Cosmetics

“We all have to learn how to re-engineer healthy living back into our lives”.

-Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

The Farm is a place of consciousness. Not just of the mind but also of the lifestyles we lead. Living consciously and compassionately needs to start with the self. Just like everything else really!

At PEF and with all our projects we want to create conscious, compassionate and sustainable lifestyles. This will truly help us heal ourselves and Terra too.

Our simple range of conscious cosmetics are completely hand crafted, organic, natural and made to order to ensure freshness for the consumer. In fact 80% of our ingredients are grown at The Farm itself while we source the others from reliable sources.

We make various different products suited for different skin types and needs. Our hand crafted range currently includes face packs, face and body scrubs, hair packs, skin condition treatments, organic insect repellent and organic insect repellent for pets. We also house and source natural essential oils.

To know more about our range of conscious cosmetics get in touch soon. We can even arrange a personal consult with our experts and create products specially suited for your needs. Do contact us and follow us on social media for our product line.