The Club

“But even to think that we are separated from Nature is somehow a thinking disorder. You cannot be separated from Nature. Why we think that way is the interesting thing.”– James Hillman

Started in a small and quaint out-house in Aundh, THE CLUB has been functional since 2010 from before PEF’s formation and it was our first project. It started as a small set up under the name PEF Book and Nature Club.

Today The Club is mobile and operates in various locations across the city.

The CLUB is an attempt to bring The Farm to the city through creating thinking spaces, ideating together and simply connecting minds to the Earth and to the self.

The Club boasts of a collection of over 1000 books on ecology, environment and spirituality ranging from kids reading and story books to those for reference and research. In-house we also have over 40 documentaries on varied subjects and access to over 150 more. Collected from bookstores all over the globe as well as donated by several supporters, the Eco-Library is open for all ages.

The aim of The Club is to bring together like minded people and facilitate dialogue on a variety of topics integral to our times and the changing world around us. Over the last few years, we have served as a platform for people from varied backgrounds and ages to engage and network on matters that interest them. It is a safe space, judgement free dialogue between people.

We have taken Club members on educational field trips, conducting activity based workshops, organising documentary screenings and interactive sessions with experts. Our younger members have participated in several environment quizzes and competitions in Pune and emerged victorious.

Since inception we have been training, educating and sensitizing several individuals that continue to be members of The Club even today.

Since The Club is a weekly initiative, it enables us to truly create an informed society. There is a need to connect. At a human and real level. To Pause. Think. Reflect…. Then act on these newly found reflections.

The Club is open for ages 12 and above… And is an open forum for all races, religions, sexes, misfits, rebels, healers, writers, students, artists, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, people and animals alike.

We have speakers, talks, documentaries, rants, learning, sharing and a lot of love. We strictly do not serve judgement.

Wednesday: 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

Contact Us to Become a Member.