About Us

“Our choices at all levels—individual, community, corporate and government—affect nature.

And they affect us.”– David Suzuki

Protecterra Ecological Foundation (PEF) was founded in 2011 with a vision and dream of a sustainable planet and a more sensitive people. We envision a global society that respects nature, practices sustainability and comes together in solidarity to protect Terra.

We believe that people will only do as much as they are aware of and our work aims to increase this level of awareness to enable action.  Everything on Terra is interlinked, and we as a species are a part of this connect. The global crisis facing the planet is a crisis of consciousness. As a species we are far removed from Terra, our very life source. In the ever churning urban madness, we have lost our grip on what makes us human, we have forgotten our connect with the Earth. Our imaginations today have been overtaken by industry, our responsibilities by desire and our conscience by nonchalant apathy.

We live in the past and speak of the golden era gone by. It is too late to be a pessimist. The glass is refillable and it is time to envision and create a golden future.

This is what we envision at PEF. A compassionate, sustainable and just future for all.

Since our foundation, we have been conscientiously working with several people, schools, corporates and individuals to enable action through education, awareness and outreach. Through a network of volunteers and local, national and international collaborations, we have been motivating and inspiring people rethink our lifestyles and reduce our impact on Terra.

To know more about our verticals of Awareness, Education and Outreach please explore the website.

If you prefer to speak to a fellow human rather than a screen, contact us right away.